How KS Jewelry Is Made

Kristina Serene jewelry is more than just what meets the eye. I’d like to share how the jewelry is made and what components go into these creations. I believe there are important foundations for making jewelry. Read on to see what sets Kristina Serene jewelry from all the rest...



Jewelry is an adornment. I started creating jewelry to express creativity and to give happiness. As I began making jewelry I stuck with a purpose in mind and that was to create pure, natural and one of a kind jewelry.


My mission is to educate people on integration of a wholesome lifestyle that recognizes nature’s beautiful components that can enhance our lives, economy and experiences.


Here’s a list of words that I use to describe my ideal image of perfect jewelry:





*Full of unrefined Energy



*One of a Kind



My need was to create jewelry that embodied what it was composed of and I used materials in harmony with one another and never used more than I needed. This was because I found that unique jewelry to me was having the right balance of each element while having the right balance of details so it could compliment the “bigger picture” so to speak.


Jewelry is to be only a detail of our expression not to overwhelm our appearance. Gems and jewels have energy or vibrational frequencies in the Electro Magnetic Field and resonating with that frequency and having an intention to create something unique allows for a more vibrant and brilliant outcome. Also, metals are conductors and carry frequency so they have properties to allow energy to pass through them and this allows for a powerful element to be presented in jewelry. Done with the right technique, jewelry can be made to create a ripple in life as people compliment and notice it’s energetic dimensions from every angle.


”The more rare and the harder to find is the most valuable type of thing. When you wear jewelry it should be it’s own beautiful, sustainable universe.”


As long as there is energy to back up the creation of a piece of jewelry, I believe it will look beautiful.


Jewelry that is made properly does do a service and over time it will transform and forever be timeless. Keen eyes in making handmade jewelry will produce a cherishable, a keepsake, a treasure...


In addition, versatile jewelry is something of innovation I love to incorporate. Jewelry that can be worn casual or formal and for every mood or kind of pretty, sexy, gorgeous and beautiful you feel. (See Below: Adjustable Necklace in four styles including long tribal and short  wrap choker.)


My aunt who gifted me her jewelry when I was a child still keeps me inspired and loves to wear my creations. Her charitable giving always kept with me. As it’s Father’s Day today, it is appropriate to say how my Dad has inspired me with creating jewelry... As a child, my Dad and I have special memories metal detecting and finding surprise jewels and the sheer feeling of luck and unknowing kept me truly enticed. I remember how special it is to show my Dad jewelry I made. I loved surprising him one Christmas with a copper necklace that had a stone we found outside our house and had tumbled for two weeks (such a long time to wait as a kid). It was the most amazing gift to give. So in these moments I found that I had a passion for jewelry because I love giving, I love nature, I love art, I love surprises and I love making beautiful creations that are memorable.


”Jewelry is an expression of the greatest elements of life that I’ve found such as giving, the feeling of surprise and giving a piece of you in something made with your hands to those people who are so special.”



+energy as always,





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